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The Space Inside is an arts session held on the first Tuesday of each month from October to June, in Wicklow Sailing Club, South Quay, Wicklow Town, Ireland
The sessions provide a platform on which all artists can perform - from poets to actors and from dancers to all forms of musicians.
Admission is free to ensure access to all and doors open 8pm

If you would like to perform, contact us at spaceinside@hotmail.com

Thursday, November 19, 2009

December Live Night

Paul Sharkey

Paul Sharkey trained at the Brendan Smith Theatre Academy (1975 - 1977) then worked with a number of Dublin based drama groups, including the Dublin Shakespeare Society, playing the title role of Hamlet in 1980.

Moving to Wicklow, Paul continued to study speech and drama and, in 1981, he co-founded Harlequin Players with his wife Liz.

For ten years Harlequin Players provided corporate entertainment (Ghost Night & Murder Mystery) for Tinakilly House Hotel and also Dinner Theatre, including shows based on the works of Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, W.B. Yeats and James Joyce. During the same period Paul compiled and performed shows for the Synge Summer School.

This festive month, Paul will entertain us with ‘Bob Sawyer gives a bachelor party’ from Pickwick Papers. An occasion not to be missed!


Jazz duo: Frank Gallagher and Gerry Clarke

Frank Gallagher has been playing blues and jazz in Ireland and Europe since the 70s. He has performed regularly with the likes of Don Baker, Red Peters and Johnny Norris, to mention just a few. In the 80s, he formed the Jitterbug Jug Band with Gerry Clarke. Since

then he has mainly performed solo or in small groups with Gerry Clarke. He has also lectured and written about blues and jazz and worked as a music critic for the Grapevine Arts Magazine.

Gerry Clarke has been performing blues and early jazz since the 70s in Ireland and America, where he worked with some of the important figures of the folk blues revival. He is also a music broadcaster, historian and record producer with an international reputation. His radio documentary, The Golden Age of Irish Recording, won the BCI award for best music documentary in Ireland. The third volume of his Old Time Records label, Piping Rarities, will be launched in the Pipers’ Club on 5 December 2009.

A.K. is a singer/songwriter from Waterford. His foray into writing songs started when he was 15 finding himself unable to sing in the key of the popular singers he liked at the time. Since then he has been building up a range of songs, developing his style. Vocally he has been compared to Jack L, Nick Cave and James Hetfield. With a wide range in musical tastes.