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The Space Inside is an arts session held on the first Tuesday of each month from October to June, in Wicklow Sailing Club, South Quay, Wicklow Town, Ireland
The sessions provide a platform on which all artists can perform - from poets to actors and from dancers to all forms of musicians.
Admission is free to ensure access to all and doors open 8pm

If you would like to perform, contact us at spaceinside@hotmail.com

Thursday, January 21, 2010

February Live Night

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Mealla Tarrant is in her third year of primary school teacher training in Froebel College, Blackrock. Opening a youtube account and posting music videos gave her enough confidence to begin playing and singing in small venues. In December, she was the opening act for popular Cork band, Fred, and since then has began searching for more venues in which to be heard. Mealla sings cover songs accompanied by acoustic guitar. Artists she covers include Oasis, Paolo Nutini and Dire Straits.

Rory O’Sullivan is a young poet whose influences are two of the greats: Yeats and Kavanagh. ‘I like talking, but some say I talk too much. I like dancing, but I'm told I'm a terrible dancer. I like smiling at people, who like smiling back. There is a stillness in music and words that captures me. Music and words come hand in hand, let them help you, let them heal you, for that is their purpose, and that's why I write.’

Winner of the Xmas Factor ’09 Writing competition held in Wicklow Library, Rory is also a keen songwriter and musician and plays in the band, ‘Rebel Diamond’. Rory’s poetry performance will be accompanied by music.

The day the colour fell

I lay and watched as it came down

Sweeping its beauty all across the town

Like paint splashing on a page

It dropped like glitter away from its cage.

The town was then left in black and white

No more emotion no wrong or right

We were left just floating our colour left behind

Nothing left to fight for no love left to find.

It shakes the hearts of all,

As on this day I tell

Of A day we shall remember,

The day the colour fell.

Rory O’Sullivan

Wicklow Piper

This piper is a member of St. Patrick’s Pipe Band. Founded in 1946, the band has been entertaining people not only in Wicklow but as far away as France and England. The task of passing on the tradition of piping is in the hands of the current Pipe Major, Joe Hanlon; in charge of drumming is the Drum Sargeant, Micheal O'Neill. New members are always welcome. Practice takes place in St. Patrick’s Boys School Prefab on Mondays, (drums only), Tuesday (Full Band) and Friday nights (Pipes only) from 7.30pm - 9.00pm.

A first for the Space Inside!