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The Space Inside is an arts session held on the first Tuesday of each month from October to June, in Wicklow Sailing Club, South Quay, Wicklow Town, Ireland
The sessions provide a platform on which all artists can perform - from poets to actors and from dancers to all forms of musicians.
Admission is free to ensure access to all and doors open 8pm

If you would like to perform, contact us at spaceinside@hotmail.com

Sunday, October 24, 2010

November Live Night

Tuesday 2nd November 2010 at 8pm
Join us for another top  lineup for our November Live Night

Étoile de la Mer

  Étoile de la Mer is the stage name of Maria Scanlon, an experienced dancer who also teaches Shape up With Belly dance in the FYI Dance Club in Wicklow Town.
The Bellydance is uniquely designed for the female body and is a dance characterized by sinuous hip, abdominal and arm movements.

Étoile de la Mer will hypnotise us with her mystical performances of Oriental Fusion bellydance. She will be joined on the night by Estrella del Mar, another captivating bellydance performer.

Bellydance classes are held in the FYI Dance Club is held on the South Quay every Thursday morning at 10am.

Josh Johnston
  We welcome back Josh Johnston to the Space Inside. Josh studied Popular Music in the University of Salford, graduating as a pianist, band leader and composer. He is well-known as a versatile musician.

Josh was pianist in the band of Birr singer/ songwriter Roesy for six years, performed on stage and recorded with Kila, Declan O’Rourke, Stewart Agnew, SJ McArdle, NoelieMcDonnell, Irish tenor Karl Scully and others. He is the resident organist at the Unitarian Church in Dublin.

He released his first solo CD, Three Friends in 2000, and a duo disc with jazz (and classical) violinist David MacKenzie. His latest CD, Asylum Harbour, is out now.

 Ronan Swift

Ronan was born in 1972 in Dublin, Ireland, the year Al Blue Lewis fought Ali in a bout of Gaelic Boxing at Croker and came second. He has been a schoolboy, a schoolmaster, a window cleaner & a gardener.
His tunes are adorned by a dedicated gang of selfless musicians - Eoin O’Brien (electric guitar - Kíla, Clay Dolls), Josh Johnston (piano & keyboards - Roesy, SJ McArdle), Bill Blackmore (trumpet - Trihornophone) and Malachy Robinson (double bass - Irish Chamber Orchestra) are the core band. The same group of musicians have come together to help Ronan produce both his debut CD Farewell Future Wives (2009) and his 2nd CD A Whinbush Backwards (due for release April 2011).

His rare live performances with the same band usually take place in Dublin, Ireland. There's one lined up for December 2010 - date to be announced.

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